ProOrienteConsultationes Your POC for Everything Middle East
ProOrienteConsultationes (POC) is a business consultancy and brokerage firm, based in Austria, specializing in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Region and the Middle East. We have a wide and comprehensive network of business partners and clients in our focus region Middle East, but also in Latin America and Asia, built up over the last 10 years by following a strict policy of presence in the region and short notice availability to partners and clients in consulting as well as sales and after-sales support; further, due to sound and profound knowledge of regional mentality and business practices, as well as an appropriate approach towards the local partners and decision-makers. We maintain close relations with our regional partners, selected agencies and dealers, as well as with MODs, MOIs, other authorities and businesses in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Sultanate of Oman Kuwait Qatar Kingdom of Bahrain Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Arab Republic of Egypt Pakistan and others. On the other side we are well connected to potential suppliers in Europe, North America and Asia.
Consultancy for European/American companies wishing to expand to Middle Eastern / GCC markets or to enhance their business relations and results; Consultancy for Middle East / GCC based companies and authorities seeking reliable suppliers and service providers in Europe and North America Brokerage of supply and service contracts between European/American suppliers and Middle East / GCC clients (MODs, MOIs, other authorities and businesses) Brokerage of production cooperation, joint ventures and other forms of cooperation between European/American and Middle East/GCC entreprises/authorities/partners Seminars on conduct, cultural aspects, and business practices in the Arab World and the Middle East for European/American companies and business persons Support of and Consultancy for European/American business travellers to the Middle East/GCC region Support of and Consultancy for Arab delegations and travellers visiting Europe, especially Austria, directly or on behalf of local businesses Translation and Interpretation Services for contracts, sales and technical documentation, negotiations and other ventures or events (Arabic - English/German)
Berndt Wesiak President E: M: +43 676 409 00 65 M: +44 754 22 870 22 M: +971 55 488 78 04




Dr. Wolfgang Locker Consultant M: +43 699 150 10 542 Mayada Issa Interpreter and Translator M: +43 676 731 13 12

Hauptstrasse 24, A-3482 Stettenhof, Austria

Registered as ProOrienteConsultationes KG under Reg. No. FN 400688 y at the Court of Registration (Firmenbuch) in St. Pölten, Austria